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Manipur viral video twitter paraded original controversy sparks online

Manipur viral video twitter paraded original controversy sparks online

Uncovering the Truth Behind the Manipur Viral Video: A Shocking Incident that Shook the Nation

In a shocking incident that took place in Manipur, two women were paraded, stripped, and sexually assaulted by a group of individuals. The event quickly gained attention when videos of the incident went viral on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. This article aims to shed light on the incident, provide information about the viral video, and discuss the calls for justice from political figures.

A Horrific Tragedy Unveiled

The incident occurred on May 4, 2023, in the village of B Phainom, Kangpokpi district. The region has been plagued by conflicts between two societies, the Meiteis and Kukis, arising from the Meiteis’ request for inclusion in the ST class as a community. As tensions were running high, a group of peasants seeking refuge in a nearby woodland stumbled upon a gang.

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Shockingly, three women from the group were ordered to undress and walk exposed while being surrounded by a group of men. In the midst of the chaos, one of the women’s brothers was brutally murdered when he spoke out against this heinous act. Adding to the horror, the perpetrators shamelessly uploaded the video of the incident online.

Understandably, the Manipur government was swift to respond and issued instructions to ban internet access in the state in an attempt to prevent the spread of the video. However, by that time, millions of people had already downloaded and shared it.

Outrage and Demands for Justice

The Manipur Paraded viral video shocked and outraged people across the nation. High-ranking political figures, including Prime Minister Modi, voiced their condemnation, stating that the incident had brought disgrace upon the entire country. Prime Minister Modi reassured the nation that the perpetrators would face severe punishment and called upon all chief ministers to enforce law and order in their respective states.

Despite the incident occurring more than two months ago, the Manipur police have yet to take any action against the offenders. This delay in justice has only intensified the impatience of the public, who are eagerly awaiting the identification and apprehension of the perpetrators.

The Consequence of Sharing: Calls for Accountability

The Manipur viral video has exposed the consequences of sharing such disturbing content on social media platforms. The central government has expressed its determination to hold Twitter accountable for sharing this despicable act committed by inhumane individuals in Manipur. The video, which degraded India’s dignity and brought shame upon the country, quickly spread and was viewed by millions of people. The search for the original link to the Manipur video continues as netizens look for more information about the incident online.

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It is crucial for society to understand the gravity of sharing such explicit and traumatic content. By sharing, individuals perpetuate the pain and suffering of the victims, making it even more challenging for them to find justice and closure. The need for responsible internet usage and the prevention of such content from circulating online cannot be emphasized enough.


The Manipur viral video, depicting the distressing incident of two women being paraded, stripped, and sexually assaulted, has shocked the nation. This article aimed to provide details about the incident and shed light on the demands for justice from political figures. It is crucial for society to stand united against such heinous acts and actively work towards preventing the circulation of such content on social media platforms. Only through collective efforts can we create a safer and more empathetic online environment.


Q: Why haven’t the Manipur police taken any action against the offenders yet?

A: Despite the incident occurring more than two months ago, the investigation process seems to be delayed, causing frustration among the public.

Q: How can we prevent similar incidents from happening in the future?

A: Education and awareness regarding the responsible use of the internet, along with stricter measures against the circulation of explicit content, can help prevent similar incidents.

Q: Are the victims receiving any support or assistance?

A: The victims are traumatized and eagerly awaiting justice. It is essential for the government and society to provide them with the necessary support and assistance during this difficult time.

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