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Father’s Horrific Act: Poisons Infant Daughter to Death in Desire for Baby Boy – Shocking Video Goes Viral

Video Poisons Infant Daughter to Death in Desire for Baby Boy: In a horrifying incident that has shocked the world, a father’s despicable act of poisoning his day-old baby girl to death has gone viral. Driven by his desire for a baby boy, this act of total wickedness has ignited widespread outrage and disbelief. The disturbing video capturing this heinous crime serves as a stark reminder of the depths humanity can sink to. Watch the full clip at


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Tragic Incident: Father Poisons Day-Old Baby Girl

Tragic Incident: Father Poisons Day-Old Baby Girl

In a deeply tragic and disturbing incident, a 28-year-old man has made a chilling confession to the murder of his newborn baby girl, driven by the fact that he had anticipated the birth of a boy instead. This heart-wrenching event unfolded in Doka Baici, situated in the Tofa Local Government Area of Kano State, Nigeria, as reported by the News Agency of Nigeria.

The man, identified as Misbahu Salisu, confessed to poisoning his one-day-old baby daughter, committing a heinous act that has shocked the community and the nation. The Kano State Hisbah Board apprehended Salisu on Friday in connection with this dreadful crime. Dr. Mujahid Aminudeen, the Deputy Commander General of Operations for the board, issued a statement providing details of the incident.

According to the statement, Salisu admitted to the board’s officers that he had administered a local insecticide called Otapiapia to the infant, leading to her untimely demise. In a chilling twist, Salisu had also drugged the baby’s mother, Sa’ade, by serving her a cup of tea laced with sleeping tablets before carrying out this horrific act.

Motive Revealed: Disappointment Over Gender

The statement went on to explain that Salisu had confessed to his actions, revealing that he had preferred a male child but was disappointed when his wife gave birth to a female baby. This sense of disappointment allegedly drove him to end the life of his innocent daughter. Following his confession, Salisu was handed over to the police for further investigation and eventual prosecution.

Community Shocked and Outraged

This tragic incident has left both the community and nation shocked and outraged. The senseless murder of an innocent baby girl has deeply affected everyone who has heard about this crime. There is an overwhelming call for justice to be served and for measures to be put in place to prevent such horrifying acts from happening in the future.

Addressing Domestic Violence and Providing Psychological Support

This harrowing incident underscores the importance of addressing issues related to domestic violence and the need for psychological support for individuals facing disappointment or stress. It highlights the urgent need for education, awareness, and intervention programs aimed at preventing such tragedies.


  • Educational campaigns on gender equality and respect for all children
  • Providing counseling services for couples dealing with disappointments or conflicts
  • Promoting healthy coping mechanisms for handling stress or unmet expectations
  • Supporting organizations that work towards eliminating domestic violence
  • Creating safe spaces where individuals can seek help without fear of judgment or retribution

Community and Nation React to Heinous Act: Father Poisons Infant Daughter

The shocking news of a father poisoning his day-old baby girl has sparked outrage and grief within the community and throughout the nation. The senseless act of taking a precious life, driven by the father’s preference for a male child, has left everyone in disbelief. The community is mourning the loss of an innocent soul and grappling with the disturbing realization that such cruelty exists among their own. This tragic event has also brought attention to the need for stronger measures in preventing gender-based violence and addressing deep-rooted gender biases.

Outpouring of Support

– The local community has come together to offer support and condolences to the grieving mother and other family members affected by this tragedy.
– NGOs, women’s rights organizations, and community leaders have organized awareness campaigns on gender equality and domestic violence prevention.
– Counseling services have been made available for those who are struggling emotionally in the aftermath of this horrific incident.

Father Uses Insecticide to Poison Baby Girl, Administers it How?

Misbahu Salisu’s chilling confession to poisoning his one-day-old daughter with a local insecticide called Otapiapia has shaken people to their core. It is deeply disturbing to comprehend how someone could commit such a heinous act against their own flesh and blood. Salisu’s ability to administer the poison raises alarming questions about accessibility to harmful substances like insecticides that can be used as weapons. This appalling incident highlights the urgent need for tighter regulations on dangerous chemicals and better education on their potential risks.

Lax Regulations

– Authorities are investigating how Salisu acquired Otapiapia and whether any loopholes in chemical regulation contributed to this tragedy.
– Calls for stricter controls on sales and distribution of potentially harmful products have intensified.
– Lawmakers are reviewing existing legislation related to chemical safety to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Horrific Act: Father Drugs Mother Before Poisoning Day-Old Baby

The revelation that Misbahu Salisu had drugged his wife, Sa’ade, with sleeping tablets before carrying out his heinous act adds another layer of horror to this tragic story. It is incomprehensible how someone could betray the trust and love of their partner in such a despicable manner. Domestic violence continues to be a pressing issue that not only affects individuals directly but also has devastating consequences for their families and communities. This incident underscores the urgent need for comprehensive domestic violence prevention measures and support systems for victims.

Support for Victims

– Organizations specializing in domestic violence prevention are working to raise awareness about available resources and support systems.
– Local community centers and shelters are offering safe spaces and counseling services for individuals facing domestic violence.
– The police have been urged to respond promptly and effectively to reports of domestic abuse, ensuring the safety of victims and holding perpetrators accountable.

Father Confesses to Killing Daughter: Motive Revealed

Misbahu Salisu’s confession sheds light on the underlying motive behind this horrifying crime – his preference for a male child. This deeply ingrained gender bias, rooted in patriarchal norms, perpetuates harmful ideologies that devalue female lives. The tragedy of this situation extends beyond one individual’s actions; it reflects societal attitudes that must be confronted and challenged. It is crucial to address these prevailing biases through education, awareness campaigns, and initiatives promoting gender equality.

Promoting Gender Equality

– Schools are incorporating gender equality education into their curriculum to challenge stereotypes and promote respect among students.
– Community leaders are organizing forums and dialogues aimed at debunking myths surrounding gender roles.
– Efforts are being made to empower women economically and politically, fostering a more equal and inclusive society.

Kano State Hisbah Board and Police Respond to Tragic Crime

Kano State Hisbah Board and Police Respond to Tragic Crime
the Kano State Hisbah Board and the police have swiftly responded to this tragic crime, ensuring that justice is served. Misbahu Salisu was apprehended and handed over to the police for further investigation and prosecution. The collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies are crucial in maintaining public trust and ensuring that perpetrators of such heinous acts face the full force of the law. The incident has also prompted discussions on improving coordination between different institutions involved in tackling domestic violence.

Strengthening Law Enforcement

– Training programs are being initiated to equip police officers with the necessary skills to handle cases related to domestic violence sensitively.
– Regular workshops are being organized by the Hisbah Board for community leaders, religious leaders, and law enforcement personnel to enhance their understanding of gender-based violence issues.
– Mechanisms for inter-agency collaboration, information-sharing, and case referral are being established to streamline responses to domestic violence incidents.

Addressing Domestic Violence and Providing Psychological Support in Light of Distressing Incidents

The recent distressing incidents involving domestic violence have brought into focus the urgent need for comprehensive measures to address this pervasive issue. It is essential not only to strengthen laws against domestic violence but also to ensure that survivors receive adequate psychological support through counseling services. These incidents serve as a grim reminder that ending gender-based violence requires collective efforts at all levels – from individuals challenging harmful beliefs to governments implementing policies that protect victims.

Psychological Support Services

– Increased funding is being allocated towards mental health services aimed at supporting survivors of domestic violence.
– Community-based organizations are partnering with healthcare professionals to provide trauma-informed care and counseling.
– Public awareness campaigns are being launched to reduce stigma around seeking psychological support and to encourage individuals to reach out for help.

F.A.Q Video Poisons Infant Daughter to Death in Desire for Baby Boy

1. What is the shocking video that has gone viral titled “Father’s Horrific Act”?

Answer: The viral video titled “Father’s Horrific Act” captures a deeply disturbing incident where a father is seen poisoning his infant daughter to death. The video has gained widespread attention due to its shocking and tragic nature.

2. Can you provide more details about the circumstances surrounding this viral video?

Answer: The video shows a father allegedly poisoning his infant daughter as he desired to have a baby boy instead. The exact circumstances and motivations behind this horrifying act are still being investigated by authorities.

3. Where did this viral video first surface, and how did it become widely known?

Answer: The video first surfaced on social media platforms and quickly gained traction due to its disturbing content. It became widely known as users began sharing it, leading to discussions and outrage online.

4. What actions have been taken by authorities in response to this shocking incident?

Answer: Authorities have initiated an investigation into the incident after the video gained public attention. The father’s identity and location are being looked into, and legal actions may be taken based on the outcome of the investigation.

5. How can viewers help in situations like this, where they come across disturbing content online?

Answer: If viewers come across disturbing or harmful content online, they should report it to the respective social media platforms and, if applicable, to local law enforcement agencies. It’s crucial to prioritize the safety and well-being of those involved and let the authorities handle such cases.


In a disturbing display of cruelty, a father tragically took the life of his day-old baby girl in order to fulfill his desire for a male child. This heinous act, captured in a viral video, serves as a grim reminder of the depths of wickedness some individuals can descend to. Such abhorrent actions demand justice and serve as a stark call for increased awareness and efforts to protect the most vulnerable among us.

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