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[Update] Houseboy Arrested for Allegedly Killing his Madam and Stealing her Car

Houseboy Arrested for Allegedly Killing his Madam and Stealing her Car – Alister John Accused of Plotting Poisoning of Stepmother and Brother, Shocking Viral Video Surfaces. Watch the full clip at


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ALLEGED: Houseboy Implicated in Murder of Afia Ahenkan

John Alister, the houseboy suspected to have killed his madam, Afia Ahenkan, in Kumasi, has been arrested. The 22-year-old is alleged to have stabbed Ahenkan to death and bolted with her car just two weeks after she employed him. A video of the arrest has popped up, showing the young man in handcuffs and pleading for mercy.

Arrest of John Alister

After days of being a fugitive, John Alister was apprehended on Thursday, September 14, 2023. Following reports of his alleged involvement in Afia Ahenkan’s murder, the police launched a manhunt for him. The video that circulated online showed John Alister kneeling with his hands cuffed as he confessed to the crime while those around him threatened him.

In this shocking case, a houseboy who had only worked for two weeks was accused of murdering his employer in cold blood. The arrest of John Alister brings some measure of justice for Afia Ahenkan’s family and friends.

Possible Motive and Background

The motive behind John Alister’s alleged murder of Afia Ahenkan remains unknown at this time. However, investigators are looking into his background and personal history to uncover any possible reasons or triggers for such a violent act.

It is crucial to examine factors such as past criminal behavior, mental health issues, or any conflicts or tensions that may have arisen between John Alister and Afia Ahenkan during their brief working relationship.

The investigation will delve into these aspects to shed light on what could have driven John Alister to commit such a heinous crime against his employer.

Houseboy Worked for How Long Before Alleged Murder of Afia Ahenkan?

Houseboy Worked for How Long Before Alleged Murder of Afia Ahenkan?

Afia Ahenkan employed John Alister as her houseboy just two weeks before she tragically lost her life. The decision to hire him was likely made in an attempt to lighten the burden of household chores for herself and her family, as is common in many households.

The short duration of their working relationship raises questions about how well Ahenkan knew Alister before employing him and whether any red flags or concerning behaviors were observed during his short tenure.

As the investigation unfolds, it will be crucial to understand the dynamics between Afia Ahenkan and John Alister during the brief period that they worked together.

Potential Pre-Existing Connection

It has come to light that there may be a connection between Afia Ahenkan’s family and Black Stars legend Osei Kofi’s family. Osei Kofi is a former Kotoko playmaker, and it appears that his son was married to Afia Ahenkan.

This link adds another layer of complexity to this tragic case, as it raises questions about potential motives or conflicts within the extended family dynamic. Investigators will need to explore this connection further to understand if it played any role in the alleged murder of Afia Ahenkan by John Alister.

Afia Ahenkan’s Connections to Black Stars Legend Osei Kofi’s Family Revealed

Background and Family Ties

Afia Ahenkan, who was tragically murdered by her houseboy John Alister, had surprising connections to the renowned Black Stars legend Osei Kofi’s family. It was revealed that Afia Ahenkan was married to the son of Osei Kofi, a former player for Kotoko. This unexpected link between the victim and the legendary footballer has sparked considerable interest and speculation.

London-based Son’s Decision to Hire a Househelp

The son of Osei Kofi residing in London made the decision to hire John Alister as a househelp just two weeks before the tragic incident took place. The motive behind hiring a houseboy at their residence was to alleviate some of the burdensome household chores. The sudden turn of events has not only shocked the Ahenkan family but also raised questions about whether there may have been any hidden motives behind this new employment arrangement.

Video Surfaces: Arrest of John Alister and Desperate Pleas for Mercy

Allegedly responsible for the murder of his employer Afia Ahenkan, John Alister has been apprehended by law enforcement authorities. A video documenting his arrest has surfaced online, providing an unsettling glimpse into moments filled with desperation and pleas for mercy. In the footage, Alister is seen wearing handcuffs while on his knees, surrounded by individuals threatening him with retaliation.

The Shocking Arrest

The arrest of John Alister sent shockwaves through the community as news spread quickly about his alleged involvement in Afia Ahenkan’s murder case. The video capturing the moment of his apprehension has only intensified public interest in this tragic event.

During the arrest, Alister can be heard making confessions and pleading for mercy as those around him continue to press him for answers. The emotions displayed in the video have sparked a range of reactions, from anger and disbelief to sympathy and curiosity among viewers.

Police Take Action: Evidence Recovery and Search for Afia Ahenkan’s Car

Following the murder of Afia Ahenkan and John Alister’s subsequent arrest, the police have taken swift action to gather evidence related to the case. Authorities have launched an intensive search for Ahenkan’s missing car, which was allegedly taken by Alister after committing the crime. The recovery of potential evidence is crucial in piecing together the circumstances leading up to this tragic event.

Evidence Recovery Efforts

Law enforcement agencies are leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to collect evidence that could shed light on the motives behind Afia Ahenkan’s murder. Investigators are meticulously examining various items found at both the crime scene and Alister’s residence, hoping to find vital clues that will aid in building a solid case against him.

Search for Missing Car

The investigation also includes a focused search for Afia Ahenkan’s missing car, which was allegedly stolen by her houseboy. This vehicle could potentially hold critical evidence or provide insight into Alister’s movements before and after the crime took place. Police are urging anyone with information concerning the whereabouts of the car to come forward immediately.

Uncovering John Alister’s Background and Possible Motive in Alleged Murder Case

As authorities delve deeper into the alleged murder case surrounding John Alister, they have been working tirelessly to uncover his background and identify any possible motives behind his actions. By understanding his past and potential motivations, investigators hope to gain insights into what may have led Alister to commit such a heinous crime.

Investigators are actively gathering information about John Alister’s personal history, including his upbringing, education, and employment record. By examining his background, authorities aim to identify any factors that may have influenced his behavior and contributed to the tragic events that unfolded.

While the investigation is still ongoing, detectives are exploring various possible motives that could explain why Alister allegedly murdered Afia Ahenkan. These motives may range from personal conflicts and financial pressures to hidden resentments or undisclosed relationships. Uncovering the motive behind this crime is crucial for a clearer understanding of the events leading up to Ahenkan’s untimely death.

Investigation Update: Twumasiwaa General Hospital Death of Patience Quay

In a separate investigation unrelated to the murder of Afia Ahenkan, authorities are also looking into the death of Patience Quay at Twumasiwaa General Hospital. Quay was found dead in her office under mysterious circumstances just two days after she left for work as a cashier at the medical center. The discovery of her decomposing body has raised suspicions among family members who suspect foul play.

The death of Patience Quay remains shrouded in mystery, as no other staff members noticed her absence until her lifeless body was discovered in her office. Family members find it perplexing that her demise went unnoticed for an extended period, fueling their doubts about the circumstances surrounding her passing.

Given the suspicious nature of Patience Quay’s death, investigators are considering foul play as a potential cause. The search for answers continues as law enforcement agencies meticulously gather evidence and interview witnesses to determine the events leading up to Quay’s untimely demise.

F.A.Q Houseboy Arrested for Allegedly Killing his Madam and Stealing her Car

1. What is the incident involving the houseboy and his madam that has gained attention?

The incident involves a houseboy who has been arrested for allegedly killing his madam and stealing her car.

2. Can you provide more details about the circumstances of this tragic event?

The exact circumstances surrounding the alleged murder and car theft are currently under investigation by the authorities. Further details may be revealed as the investigation progresses.

3. Where did this incident take place, and has there been any official statement from the authorities?

The location of the incident and any official statements from law enforcement agencies were not specified in the provided content. It’s advisable to refer to local news sources for specific information on the case.

4. How did this news come to public attention, and what has been the public’s reaction?

The news likely came to public attention through local news reports or social media. The public’s reaction to such incidents can vary widely, with many expressing shock and concern.

5. What legal actions are being taken against the houseboy, and what penalties could he face if found guilty?

The legal actions taken against the houseboy will depend on the evidence gathered during the investigation. If he is found guilty, he could face charges related to murder and car theft, which carry significant penalties, including imprisonment. The specific legal consequences would be determined by the judicial system.


In the alleged case of Alister John attempting to poison his stepmother and brother, a viral video has brought attention to a disturbing incident. While it is important to remember that these allegations are yet to be proven, the video serves as a reminder of the potential dangers within households. Further investigations will determine the truth behind this incident and ensure justice is served if found guilty.

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