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[Shocking news] Travis J. Smith Obituary: sudden passing of Travis J. Smith 31 years old, of Lancaster, passed away, In loving memory of Travis J. Smith

Tragic Loss: Remembering a Young Life Cut Short

Travis J. Smith Obituary: We are deeply saddened to share the heartbreaking news of the passing of Travis J. Smith, a vibrant soul who left this world far too soon. At just three years old, Travis’s life was tragically cut short, leaving behind a grieving family and a community in mourning.

While we mourn the loss of this young child, we invite friends and family to come together to honor Travis’s memory. Share your condolences and cherished memories on this memorial page, offering solace and support to his devastated loved ones.

Travis’s family, including his mother Bobbi Smith and father Don Smith, along with his sisters Brittany Betts and Alyssa Stephens, are left to navigate the immense pain of this loss. Let us come together to provide comfort and strength during this unimaginable time.

In lieu of flowers, the family kindly requests donations to the HOPE Alliance of Monroe County, a cause close to their hearts. Your generosity will help make a difference in the lives of others, honoring Travis’s memory in a meaningful way.

Join us in remembering Travis J. Smith, a young life that will forever be cherished and deeply missed.

Travis J. Smith Obituary

Obituary for Travis J. Smith

Remembering the Life of Travis J. Smith

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It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of the untimely passing of Travis J. Smith, a beloved soul who brought joy and happiness to those around him. Born in the serene town of Cambridge, Ohio, Travis resided in Lancaster, Ohio, where he touched the lives of many during his short time on this earth. Although he was only three years old, his impact was profound and his memory will forever be cherished.

Early Passing

A Life Cut Short, Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Travis’s journey was tragically cut short on December 20, 2023, leaving behind a void that can never be filled. While we mourn the loss of this young life, we also celebrate the beautiful moments he shared with us. Travis’s spirit will continue to live on in the hearts of his loved ones, reminding us to cherish every precious moment and embrace the joy that life brings.

Condolences and Sympathies

Supporting the Family in Their Time of Grief

In this time of profound sadness, we extend our deepest condolences and sympathies to Travis’s family. We invite friends, relatives, and acquaintances to join us in honoring his memory by sharing their heartfelt messages of love and support on this memorial page. Your kind words and gestures will provide solace to his grieving family, reminding them that they are not alone in their sorrow.

Travis’s family would greatly appreciate your presence during this difficult time. Your support and comforting words will help them find strength and healing as they navigate through their grief. Let us come together as a community to offer our love and support to those who need it most.

Family Members

Parents and Siblings

A Bond That Transcends Time and Space

Travis J. Smith was blessed with a loving and devoted family who provided him with unwavering support and affection. His mother, Bobbi Smith, a resident of Barnesville, Ohio, and his father, Don Smith, who is married to Diane Ricer and resides in Lewisville, Ohio, were pillars of strength in Travis’s life. Together, they created a nurturing environment filled with love and care.

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Travis shared a special bond with his sisters, Brittany Betts (Justin) and Alyssa Stephens (Tony). They were not just siblings, but also confidants and friends who shared countless memories and experiences. Their bond was a testament to the unbreakable ties of family, providing Travis with a sense of belonging and support throughout his journey.


Guiding Spirits Who Watch Over Us

Although Travis’s grandparents, Harry and Helen Smith, passed away before his birth, their presence was felt through the stories and memories shared by his family. Their love and wisdom continue to resonate, serving as a guiding light for Travis and his loved ones. The legacy they left behind is a reminder of the enduring power of family bonds that transcend time and space.

Extended Family

A Tapestry of Love and Connection

Travis J. Smith was surrounded by a large and loving extended family, including numerous cousins, aunts, uncles, and acquaintances. Their presence in Travis’s life added richness and depth to his experiences, creating a tapestry of love and connection that spanned beyond immediate family ties. The support and camaraderie shared among this extended network of relatives brought joy and comfort to Travis, reminding him that he was part of a larger, caring community.

During this time of loss, Travis’s extended family stands united in their grief, offering each other solace and support. Together, they honor Travis’s memory and find strength in the shared love and cherished moments they had with him. Their bond serves as a testament to the power of family, demonstrating that even in the face of tragedy, love endures and provides comfort in the darkest of times.

Donations and Contact Information

HOPE Alliance of Monroe County

Supporting a Cause That Brings Hope

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In honor of Travis J. Smith’s memory, we kindly request that instead of flowers, donations be made to the HOPE Alliance of Monroe County. This organization is dedicated to making a positive impact in the community, providing support and resources to those in need. By contributing to the HOPE Alliance, you are helping to create a brighter future for individuals and families facing challenging circumstances.

The HOPE Alliance of Monroe County can be reached at SOMA c/o First Methodist Church, located at 136 North Main Street, Woodsfield, Ohio 43793. Your generous donations will be greatly appreciated and will go a long way in making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Contact Information

Reaching Out in Times of Need

If you have any questions or require further information regarding donations or any other matter related to Travis J. Smith’s memorial, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our dedicated team is here to assist you and provide the support you need during this difficult time.

You can contact us at the following address:

SOMA c/o First Methodist Church

136 North Main Street

Woodsfield, Ohio 43793

Alternatively, you can reach us by phone or email:

Phone: [Phone Number]

Email: [Email Address]

Thank you for your compassion and support. Your kindness and generosity will make a meaningful difference in the lives of others, honoring Travis’s memory and spreading hope to those who need it most.

We are deeply saddened to inform you of the passing of Travis J. Smith, a beloved three-year-old from Cambridge, Ohio. Our hearts go out to his family during this difficult time. Friends and family are encouraged to share their sympathies on the memorial page and offer support to the grieving family. Travis is survived by his mother, Bobbi Smith, his father, Don Smith, and his extended family. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the HOPE Alliance of Monroe County. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Smith family as they navigate this loss.