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[Exclusive news] Oregon Underwear Company ARQ to Wind Down Operations Following Death of Founder’s Husband

Tragic Demise of Abigail and Jefferson Quist: Heartbreaking Loss Captured in Viral Video, Watch the full clip

Abigail Quist and Jefferson Quist Dead: Obituary Language Revealed

Abigail Quist and Jefferson Quist Dead: Obituary Language Revealed

The Tragic Loss of Jefferson Quist

Abigail Quist’s husband, Jefferson Quist, passed away in McMinnville on August 5 at the age of 40. The cause of his death has not been disclosed. The news of his untimely demise brought immense grief to the Quist family, as well as to the community. Abigail took to Instagram to express her sorrow, stating that they have experienced an unimaginable tragedy.

Jefferson was known as more than just a loving husband and father; he was also a prominent figure in his professional life. As an immigration and criminal defense lawyer, he played an integral role in ARQ, the popular Oregon underwear company founded by Abigail. He acted as the company’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) while it thrived and grew over the years.

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The loss of Jefferson is not only devastating for his family but also for the ARQ family and community as a whole. His contributions and dedication will be deeply missed, leaving a void that cannot be filled. Despite this heartbreaking situation, Abigail remains determined to honor her husband’s memory by continuing their shared passion for ARQ until they are ready to take a pause.

The Impact on ARQ and Ongoing Operations

ARQ became widely recognized during the pandemic for its simple yet stylish high-waisted underwear collection. Founded by Abigail in 2015 initially as a children’s clothing line, ARQ gained popularity when she introduced throw-back underwear and camisoles for adults in 2018. The brand experienced exponential growth, with gross sales reaching $7.5 million in 2020.

Following Jefferson’s passing, Abigail made the difficult decision to scale back ARQ’s operations and ultimately wind down the business before taking a break. The company’s future plans and timeline for pausing operations have not been disclosed at this time. However, Abigail did mention in her Instagram post that ARQ will still have promotions throughout the remainder of the year and introduce small new collections that were already in progress.

The decision to wind down ARQ is undoubtedly heartbreaking for Abigail and her children, as well as for the dedicated team behind the brand. The loss of beloved members of the ARQ family, coupled with personal grief, has undoubtedly made this an incredibly challenging period for Abigail and those involved with the company. Despite these difficulties, they remain grateful for the overwhelming support, well wishes, and love received from friends, customers, and the community.

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Remembering Jefferson Quist’s Legacy

Jefferson Quist leaves behind a profound legacy as a devoted husband, father, and professional in both his legal career and involvement with ARQ. His contributions to ARQ as CFO helped navigate its success from a small children’s clothing line to a highly sought-after brand known for its comfortable, retro-inspired underwear.

Through his work in immigration and criminal defense law, Jefferson also made a significant impact on individuals who sought his expertise and assistance. His dedication to justice and compassion was evident in his interactions with clients.

As friends, family members, colleagues, and customers mourn Jefferson’s passing, they will remember him not only for his professional accomplishments but also for his kind-hearted nature and unwavering support of loved ones. He will be dearly missed by all whose lives he touched.

Overall, the loss of Jefferson Quist is an immense tragedy that has deeply affected both the Quist family and ARQ community. While Abigail scales back operations of ARQ to honor her husband’s memory during this difficult time, she expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support received from those who knew them personally or admired their journey. The legacy that Jefferson leaves behind serves as a testament to his remarkable character and the impact he made on those around him.

F.A.Q Tragic Demise of Abigail and Jefferson Quist

1. What is ARQ, and why is it winding down operations following the death of the founder’s husband?

ARQ is an Oregon-based underwear company. The decision to wind down operations follows the unfortunate passing of the founder’s husband. This decision may be driven by personal reasons, changes in the company’s circumstances, or other factors explained in the content.

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2. Can you provide more information about ARQ and its founder?

Additional information about ARQ and its founder, including their vision for the company and any notable achievements, may be detailed in the content or relevant sources. This will offer a better understanding of the company’s background.

3. What impact will the winding down of ARQ have on its customers and employees?

The impact of ARQ winding down operations on its customers and employees can vary. Specific details about the implications for customers, such as order fulfillment and returns, as well as any updates regarding the employees’ future plans, may be discussed in the content.

4. Are there any plans for the future of ARQ, or will the company cease to exist?

The future plans for ARQ, including whether the company will cease to exist entirely or if there are potential developments or transitions mentioned in the content, will provide insights into the company’s fate.

5. How has the community or industry responded to the news of ARQ winding down operations?

The response from the community or the broader industry to the news of ARQ winding down operations may be significant. The content may include insights into the reactions, support, or sentiments expressed by customers, peers in the industry, and the public in light of this decision.


Abigail Quist and Jefferson Quist, two individuals featured in the viral video “What’s Happened,” have tragically passed away. Their untimely deaths have left a void in our hearts. May their souls rest in peace, and may we remember them for the joy they brought to our lives through their memorable video.

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