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Tracy Dawson Obituary: beloved grandmother has died following a 10 year battle with alzheimers disease

Charlotte Dawson mourns the loss of her grandmother after a decade-long battle with Alzheimer’s

Tracy Dawson Obituary: Reality actress Charlotte Dawson has shared the heartbreaking news of her grandmother’s passing on Instagram. After a ten-year struggle with Alzheimer’s, her grandmother passed away peacefully, bringing both sorrow and solace to Charlotte. In a heartfelt tribute, Charlotte reminisced about her grandmother’s life and talent, sharing cherished memories and expressing her love. Despite the pain of never introducing her boys to their great-grandmother, Charlotte is determined to ensure they know her and her legacy. Read on to discover more about Charlotte’s emotional journey and the impact her grandmother had on her life.

Tracy Dawson Obituary

Charlotte Dawson’s Grandmother Passes Away

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of Charlotte Dawson’s grandmother’s passing. After a courageous ten-year battle with Alzheimer’s, her beloved grandma peacefully left this world. Charlotte, a well-known reality actress, took to Instagram to express her emotions and pay tribute to her grandmother.

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Alzheimer’s Struggle


Charlotte’s grandmother had been fighting Alzheimer’s for the past decade, a disease that slowly robs individuals of their memories and cognitive abilities. Throughout this challenging journey, Charlotte stood by her grandmother’s side, witnessing the toll it took on her loved one. Alzheimer’s is a devastating illness that affects not only the person diagnosed but also their family and friends.

Peaceful Passing

Despite the pain and sadness surrounding her grandmother’s passing, Charlotte finds solace in knowing that her grandma left this world peacefully. In a heartfelt message, she shared that her grandmother’s departure was a day she had always dreaded, but now she feels a sense of peace. Charlotte believes that her grandmother is reunited with her late father, finding comfort in the thought that they are together once again.

Emotional Remembrance


In a touching tribute, Charlotte Dawson fondly remembers her grandmother and the impact she had on her life. Reflecting on the memories they shared, Charlotte expresses her deep love and admiration for her grandma. She acknowledges the bittersweet nature of this remembrance, as it brings both joy and sadness to her heart.

Memories and Photos

Charlotte cherishes the precious moments captured in a collection of photographs that she shares with her followers. These images depict her grandmother’s vibrant spirit, whether it be in the pantomime or posing alongside Charlotte’s late father, Les Dawson. Each photo serves as a testament to the remarkable woman her grandmother was and the indelible mark she left on Charlotte’s life.

Consolation and Peace

While the loss of her grandmother is undoubtedly heartbreaking, Charlotte finds solace in the knowledge that her grandma is now at peace. She believes that her grandmother’s passing has reunited her with her father, bringing a sense of comfort and closure. Despite the pain of this farewell, Charlotte holds onto the memories and the love she shared with her grandmother, finding consolation in the legacy she left behind.

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Reality actress Charlotte Dawson has announced the passing of her grandmother after a ten-year battle with Alzheimer’s. In an emotional Instagram post, Charlotte shared her grief and expressed that her grandmother’s peaceful passing brings her some solace, as she is now reunited with her father. She also shared a gallery of photos, showcasing her grandmother’s talent and their cherished memories together. Charlotte’s heartfelt message serves as a tribute to her beloved grandmother. Our thoughts are with Charlotte and her family during this difficult time.