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WATCH: Sheetal Patra Leaked Video MMS Sparks Controversy Online

WATCH: Sheetal Patra Leaked Video MMS Sparks Controversy Online

Sheetal Patra’s Accusation Against Filmmaker Dayanidhi Dahima Goes Viral

In a recent development, a well-known Odia actress, Sheetal Patra, has made serious allegations against filmmaker Dayanidhi Dahima, and a video capturing her accusations has gone viral on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. This incident has created a significant buzz in the Ollywood industry, drawing considerable public attention. Let’s delve deeper into the details of this incident.

Sheetal Patra’s Viral Video Sparks Outrage

Sheetal Patra’s video, which has now become viral, has caused outrage among the general public. In the video, the talented actress accuses Dayanidhi Dahima of harassment. However, it’s important to note that Sheetal Patra herself has mentioned in her social media post that false information is being circulated about her, which has garnered a lot of interest and become a major topic of discussion. Let’s explore this issue further.

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The Impact of False Information

Although the specific details about the fake news surrounding Sheetal Patra have not been extensively revealed, her recent social media post on the matter has sparked public disagreement. Sheetal Patra has expressed concerns about the spread of false information about her, which has gained significant traction and become a major talking point. This has led to an extensive media spotlight on the Sheetal Patra video. Kanak News, a prominent 24/7 news channel in Odisha, run by Eastern Media Limited, has prominently covered Sheetal Patra’s revelations and shed light on the seriousness of the issue.

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the severity of Sheetal Patra’s accusations, even within her own circle of acquaintances. Patra alleges that during their relationship in 2019, Dayanidhi Dahima secretly took pictures of her without her consent. These pictures were later used as a means of blackmail. The filmmaker, who also owns Dayanidhi Entertainment, allegedly threatened to expose the images to Sheetal Patra’s family and acquaintances if she did not comply with his demands. This coercion extended to financial matters, with Dahima pressuring Patra to return professional payments in which he had been involved. The threat of public release of the photographs further augmented the blackmailing. Tragically, the situation escalated into a physical assault, with Sheetal Patra claiming that Dayanidhi Dahima physically attacked her. According to Patra, the filmmaker assaulted her at her college, tore her uniform, and subjected her to public humiliation.

What Comes Next?

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The unfolding of this story has left both fans and critics eagerly anticipating the next developments. The repercussions of these allegations and the legal actions that may follow remain to be seen. The public is anxiously waiting for justice to prevail and for this issue to be resolved. The support for Sheetal Patra is evident, with many hoping that her courageous step of speaking out will bring about positive change within the industry.


Q: What is the video about?

A: The video captures Sheetal Patra accusing filmmaker Dayanidhi Dahima of harassment.

Q: Where did the video go viral?

A: The video went viral on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

Q: What are the allegations made by Sheetal Patra?

A: Sheetal Patra alleges that Dayanidhi Dahima took pictures of her without consent, blackmailed her with those images, and physically assaulted her.

Q: What actions has Kanak News taken regarding this matter?

A: Kanak News, a leading news channel in Odisha, has extensively covered Sheetal Patra’s revelations and shed light on the gravity of the issue.

Q: What are the expectations of the public regarding this case?

A: The public is eagerly awaiting justice and hoping that Sheetal Patra’s courage to speak out will bring positive change within the industry.


The allegations made by Sheetal Patra against filmmaker Dayanidhi Dahima have sent shockwaves through the Ollywood industry. As the public closely follows the developments of this case, it is crucial to ensure a fair investigation and address the issue of harassment within the entertainment world. This incident is a stark reminder that everyone deserves to work in a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment.

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