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Moment ex-primary school teacher slaps & kicks horse leaving it ‘in distress’

Moment ex-primary school teacher slaps & kicks horse leaving it ‘in distress’
**Former Teacher Breaks Down in Court After Video of Her Kicking and Punching a Horse is Played**
A former primary school teacher, Sarah Moulds, appeared in court and broke down in tears as a video was played showing her kicking and punching a horse named Bruce Almighty. The incident took place during a meet of the Cottesmore Hunt in November 2021. Moulds was filmed grabbing the reins of the pony as it strayed into the road and proceeded to kick it in the chest. She then slapped the horse around the head four times. The footage was captured by saboteurs who were present at the scene.
In court, Moulds, who owns four horses in her own stables, claimed that her life had been “torn to pieces” since the incident occurred. She tearfully described how her family had to leave their home with a police escort and go into hiding due to concerns for their safety. Moulds stated that she lost her job as a result of the video and that her family had been subjected to threats from the people who filmed the incident. She expressed her frustration at the lack of consideration given to what her own children went through during this difficult time.
During her testimony, Moulds explained that the incident occurred when the horse, Bruce, was being handed over to another child and refused to let go of the rope. Moulds shouted at the child to release the horse, expressing her concern for the child’s safety as well as the potential dangers that could arise from the horse’s actions. She claimed that her intention was to discipline the horse and ensure that such behavior would not be repeated in the future.
Moulds did not deny striking the horse, but she argued that it was not an act of animal cruelty. She stated that there was minimal contact and no pain to her hand. After the incident, she claimed that Bruce showed no fear towards her and behaved normally. According to Moulds, the four-second incident should not define her relationship with the horse, as she had a positive and caring connection with Bruce.
The defense argued that Moulds’ actions were in line with DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) guidance and that the horse did not suffer unnecessary pain and suffering. A veterinarian called as an expert witness on behalf of the defense stated that the horse’s reactions were more likely due to discomfort rather than fear and pain.
On the other hand, the prosecution contended that the horse had experienced “fear and distress” as a result of Moulds’ actions. The RSPCA prosecutor argued that the suffering inflicted upon the horse was unnecessary, as it had already been caught and was no longer a threat.
The trial is ongoing, and the court will ultimately determine whether Moulds’ behavior constituted animal cruelty. The case has attracted public attention since the video was shared on social media, leading to a number of complaints and investigation by the RSPCA.

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1. Was the horse injured during the incident?

No physical injuries were found on the horse when it was examined after the incident. It was deemed to be in good health.

2. How did the incident come to light?

A video clip of the incident was posted on social media, eventually catching the attention of the RSPCA.

3. What was the motive behind Moulds’ actions?

Moulds claims that her intention was to discipline the horse and prevent such behavior from occurring in the future.

4. How did the horse react to Moulds after the incident?

According to Moulds, the horse showed no fear and behaved normally, meeting her at the gate the next day as usual.

5. What will be the outcome of the trial?

The court will ultimately decide whether Moulds’ actions constituted animal cruelty based on the evidence presented during the trial.

In Conclusion

The trial of Sarah Moulds, a former primary school teacher accused of kicking and punching a horse, continues to unfold. The court has heard emotional testimonies from both the defense and the prosecution, each presenting their arguments regarding the horse’s well-being and the intentions behind Moulds’ actions. As the trial progresses, the court will carefully consider the evidence and ultimately make a judgment on the matter.
Regardless of the outcome of this case, it serves as a reminder of the importance of ensuring the welfare of animals. It is crucial for individuals and organizations to promote responsible horse ownership and to treat animals with compassion and respect. Animal cruelty is a serious offense, and it is necessary to hold individuals accountable for any actions that cause unnecessary suffering to animals.
As animal lovers and advocates, it falls upon us to educate others and create awareness about the proper treatment of animals. By doing so, we can contribute to a society that values and protects the well-being of all living creatures, including our beloved equine companions.

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