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Laronda Bazemore Death: Identified As Victim In ‘Suspicious’ Death Surrounding Structure Fire

A Mysterious Death Unveiled: The Shocking Discovery of Laronda Bazemore’s Body

Laronda Bazemore Death: In a chilling turn of events, the police have finally identified the body found under suspicious circumstances on December 18. The lifeless form of Laronda Bazemore, a 59-year-old individual, was discovered after authorities responded to a call about a structure fire. As the investigation unfolds, the Columbus authorities Homicide Investigation Unit has been called in to shed light on the mysterious circumstances surrounding Bazemore’s death.

Laronda Bazemore Death

If you have any information regarding this ongoing investigation, it is crucial to come forward. Contact Detective Wood at (614) 645-4080 or reach out to Central Ohio Crime Stoppers at (614) 461-TIPS (8477). But that’s not all – at ndtmusic, we strive to provide you with the latest news to accelerate your educational and job-seeking journey, along with captivating entertainment and crime stories from around the globe.

Recognition of Body in Suspicious Death Case

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Identification of the body in the case of a suspicious death has finally been made by the authorities. After responding to a call about a structure fire on Allendale Drive, the police discovered the body of Laronda Bazemore, a 59-year-old individual. The circumstances surrounding the discovery of the body were shrouded in mystery, prompting the dispatch of the Columbus authorities Homicide Investigation Unit to the scene.

Discovery and Location

The police were alerted to the presence of the body on December 18, following a call reporting a structure fire. The incident took place on the 3600 block of Allendale Drive, just before 8 o’clock in the evening. Upon arrival, the authorities were able to locate the body of Laronda Bazemore. The discovery of the body raised suspicions and initiated a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Homicide Investigation Unit Dispatched


Due to the mysterious nature of the discovery and the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death, the Columbus authorities Homicide Investigation Unit was immediately dispatched to the scene. This specialized unit is responsible for conducting in-depth investigations into cases involving potential homicides. Their expertise and resources will be crucial in unraveling the truth behind Laronda Bazemore’s death and bringing justice to the situation.

Appeal for Information

The investigation into the suspicious death of Laronda Bazemore is still ongoing, and authorities are appealing to the public for any information that may help shed light on the case. If you have any knowledge or witnessed anything related to this incident, your cooperation is crucial in assisting the authorities in their pursuit of justice.

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Contact Detective Wood or Central Ohio Crime Stoppers

If you have any information that could be relevant to the investigation, please reach out to Detective Wood at (614) 645-4080. Your call will be handled with the utmost confidentiality, and your assistance could be instrumental in solving this case. Alternatively, you can contact Central Ohio Crime Stoppers at (614) 461-TIPS (8477) to provide any anonymous tips or leads. Remember, your contribution could make a significant difference in bringing closure to this investigation.