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[new] Henry Boucha, Minnesota Hockey Legend, Dies at 72: Obituary and Viral Video of the Death of a Hockey Icon

Henry Boucha, Minnesota Hockey Legend, Dies at 72: In a heart-wrenching turn of events, the hockey world mourns the loss of Minnesota’s beloved legend, Henry Boucha. The passing of this extraordinary athlete has sent shockwaves through the tight-knit community, as his name resounds with unparalleled achievements and unwavering dedication. As we bid farewell to a true icon, let us celebrate Boucha’s remarkable journey that inspired generations and forever changed the landscape of hockey. Watch the full clip


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How Henry Boucha Became a Minnesota Hockey Legend

How Henry Boucha Became a Minnesota Hockey Legend

Henry Boucha, an Ojibwe hockey player from Warroad, Minnesota, became a legendary figure in the state’s hockey history. He led the Warroad High School team to the championship game of the 1969 Minnesota State Tournament. Boucha’s skills on the ice and his ability to score goals as a defenseman made him stand out. In his senior year, he scored a remarkable 60 goals.

Boucha’s performance in the state tournament cemented his status as a Minnesota hockey icon. The championship game was against Edina, and it turned out to be an intense battle that went into overtime. Unfortunately, Boucha suffered a punctured eardrum during the game and had to leave in the second period. Despite his absence, Warroad fought hard but ultimately lost with a score of 5-4.

This game was memorable not only for its thrilling nature but also for being witnessed by a record crowd of 15,066 at Met Center. The electric atmosphere and Boucha’s skillful play left a lasting impression on everyone who watched.


  1. Boucha’s impressive goal-scoring abilities as a defenseman
  2. The intense championship game against Edina
  3. The record-breaking crowd at Met Center

Achievements of Henry Boucha in His Hockey Career

Achievements of Henry Boucha in His Hockey Career

Henry Boucha had an impressive hockey career beyond high school. He represented the United States in various international competitions, including the U.S. Olympic team where he won a silver medal in 1972. His success continued when he played in both the NHL and World Hockey Association (WHA).

After high school, Boucha briefly played junior hockey in Canada before serving in the U.S. Army. He was then selected by the Detroit Red Wings in the second round of the 1971 NHL draft. Boucha made his NHL debut after the Olympics and had a strong season with 14 goals and 14 assists.

Throughout his career, Boucha stood out not only for his skills on the ice but also for his trademark headband, which made him easily recognizable to fans. However, his career took a tragic turn when he suffered a serious eye injury during a game against the Boston Bruins in 1975. This injury plagued him for the rest of his career and had long-lasting effects on his personal life.


  1. Silver medal with the U.S. Olympic team in 1972
  2. Successful seasons with both the NHL and WHA teams
  3. Persistent effects of a serious eye injury suffered during an NHL game

Details about the 1969 Minnesota State Tournament and Championship Game

The 1969 Minnesota State Tournament is remembered as one of the most exciting and memorable events in Minnesota hockey history. The Warroad High School team, led by Henry Boucha, reached the championship game after going through an intense journey.

In order to qualify for state, Warroad had to defeat Eveleth in overtime after losing to Roseau in the section final. They secured their spot at state by winning this crucial game against Eveleth. In the semifinals, they faced Roseau again and emerged victorious with a score of 3-2.

The championship game between Warroad and Edina captivated fans with its intensity and competitiveness. With Boucha’s exceptional skills on display, the game went into overtime. Unfortunately, Boucha suffered a punctured eardrum in the second period and had to leave the game. Warroad fought hard but ultimately lost with a score of 5-4.


  1. Warroad’s journey to the championship game through dramatic victories
  2. The intense competition against Edina in the championship game
  3. Boucha’s injury and subsequent departure from the game

Henry Boucha’s Departure from the Game in the Second Period

Henry Boucha

During the championship game of the 1969 Minnesota State Tournament against Edina, Henry Boucha suffered a significant injury that forced him to leave the game in the second period. Boucha was checked into the boards and ended up with a punctured eardrum. This injury had a major impact on both him and his team.

Boucha’s departure from the game left a void in Warroad’s lineup, as he was not only their top scorer but also one of their most influential players. His absence affected Warroad’s chances of winning, and despite their best efforts, they fell short with a final score of 5-4 in favor of Edina.

This moment became pivotal in Henry Boucha’s hockey career, as it marked an unfortunate turning point that would have lasting effects on his personal life as well.


  1. Boucha’s departure due to a punctured eardrum injury
  2. The impact of his absence on Warroad during the championship game
  3. The significance of this moment for Boucha personally

Remembering Henry Boucha’s Performance in the State Tournament

Henry Boucha’s performance in the 1969 Minnesota State Tournament left a lasting impression on all who witnessed it. His exceptional skills as a defenseman allowed him to stand out and make a significant impact on Warroad’s journey to the championship game.

Throughout the tournament, Boucha showcased his goal-scoring abilities, which were uncommon for a defenseman. His remarkable achievement of scoring 60 goals in his senior year was evidence of his offensive prowess.

The way Boucha played and carried himself on the ice captivated fans and fellow players alike. Even decades after the tournament, people still remembered his performance and recognized him as a hockey legend. The electricity and excitement surrounding that particular tournament will always be associated with Henry Boucha’s name.


  1. Boucha’s standout performances throughout the state tournament
  2. The rarity of a defenseman scoring 60 goals in one season
  3. The lasting impact and memories of Boucha’s contribution to Minnesota hockey

The Impact of Henry Boucha’s Injury on His Career

The Impact of Henry Boucha

The serious eye injury that Henry Boucha suffered during an NHL game had a profound impact on his career. While playing for the Minnesota North Stars, he was struck by Boston Bruins player Dave Forbes with the butt end of his stick. This incident led to a long legal battle between Boucha and Forbes.

Boucha’s eye injury affected his vision and caused ongoing difficulties with activities such as driving at night. Despite receiving significant compensation through a civil suit settlement against Forbes and the Bruins, Boucha faced challenges throughout the rest of his career due to this injury.

Despite these challenges, Boucha continued to play in both the NHL and WHA after his eye injury. However, it is clear that his career trajectory was dramatically altered, and he faced numerous physical and personal obstacles as a result of the incident.


  1. The significant impact of Boucha’s eye injury on his vision
  2. The legal battle and eventual settlement with Dave Forbes and the Boston Bruins
  3. The ongoing challenges faced by Boucha in his career due to the injury

Henry Boucha’s Personal Life and Contributions to Native American Causes

In addition to his hockey career, Henry Boucha made meaningful contributions outside of the game. As an Ojibwe hockey player, he was passionate about championing causes on behalf of Native Americans. Boucha took on the role of Indian Education Director at Warroad Public Schools while living in Warroad.

Boucha also actively supported Native American communities through coaching youth hockey and working in real estate. He staunchly defended Warroad’s Warrior nickname, highlighting the rich history of the Ojibwe people in the area.

Moreover, Boucha’s impact reached far beyond his engagement in Native American causes. He profoundly influenced the younger players by sharing his wisdom and generosity. Whether it was through his support for Native American clothing( initiatives or his involvement in various community projects, Boucha consistently demonstrated his character and commitment to supporting others. Even during his college days, he stood out for his willingness to cover the expenses for a round of golf for teammates, showcasing a spirit of generosity and a belief in paying it forward.


  1. Boucha’s dedication to advocating for Native American causes
  2. His involvement as Indian Education Director at Warroad Public Schools
  3. Boucha’s impact on young players through coaching and mentoring

F.A.Q Henry Boucha, Minnesota Hockey Legend, Dies at 72

1. Who was Henry Boucha, and what was his significance in Minnesota hockey?

Henry Boucha was a hockey legend known for his significant contributions to Minnesota hockey. He played a pivotal role in the sport, and his legacy left a lasting impact on the hockey community in Minnesota and beyond.

2. What information does the obituary provide about Henry Boucha’s life and career?

The obituary is likely to offer a comprehensive overview of Henry Boucha’s life, including details about his hockey career, achievements, personal background, and any notable milestones. Obituaries serve as tributes to honor and remember individuals who have passed away.

3. Can you provide more details about the viral video associated with Henry Boucha’s death?

The viral video associated with Henry Boucha’s death may contain footage or information related to the circumstances of his passing or the reactions of the hockey community and fans. It could offer insights into the impact of his loss.

4. Why has the viral video gained attention and become widely shared?

Viral videos related to the death of a prominent figure like Henry Boucha often gain attention and widespread sharing due to the emotional connection people have with the individual and the desire to pay tribute or express condolences. Such videos provide a platform for people to come together in memory of the icon.

5. Is there any way for the community or fans to pay their respects or support Henry Boucha’s family?

Information about how the community or fans can pay their respects or support Henry Boucha’s family may be available through official channels or in the obituary itself. Supporting the family during this time is a way to show solidarity and appreciation for the contributions of the hockey icon.


In a heartbreaking loss, Minnesota hockey legend Henry Boucha has passed away. His remarkable contributions to the sport will forever be remembered by fans and players alike. Though his death has been widely shared online, it is essential to honor his memory with respect and sensitivity. Boucha’s undeniable talent and sportsmanship will continue to inspire future generations of hockey enthusiasts. May he rest in peace.

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