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Greg Sled Obituary: director of the Arkansas Division of Tobacco Control, cause of death

Greg Sled Obituary: The sudden passing of Greg Sled, the director of the Arkansas Tobacco Control Division, has left a lasting impact on the state. With decades of dedicated service, Sled’s commitment to ensuring tobacco regulations were upheld made Arkansas a better place. His untimely death has saddened many, including Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who expressed her condolences to Sled’s family. Discover more about Sled’s remarkable career and the legacy he leaves behind. Let’s find out more here:

Remembering Greg Sled: Director of Arkansas Tobacco Control Division

It is with heavy hearts that we remember the late Greg Sled, the esteemed Director of the Arkansas Tobacco Control Division. His sudden passing on Sunday has left a void in the hearts of those who knew him and in the field of tobacco regulation. Greg’s dedication and passion for public service have left an indelible mark on the state of Arkansas.

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Sudden Passing of Greg Sled

The news of Greg Sled’s sudden passing has sent shockwaves through the community. His untimely departure has left us all mourning the loss of a remarkable leader. Greg’s commitment to ensuring the adherence of tobacco regulations in Arkansas was unwavering, and his absence will be deeply felt by all those who worked alongside him.

Decades of Service and Leadership

For over two decades, Greg Sled served as the Director of the Arkansas Tobacco Control Division, dedicating his life to the betterment of the state. His leadership and expertise in the field were unparalleled, earning him the respect and admiration of his colleagues and peers. Greg’s tireless efforts have significantly contributed to the advancement of tobacco control in Arkansas, making it a safer and healthier place for its residents.

Arkansas Tobacco Control’s Mission

At the heart of Arkansas Tobacco Control Division’s mission is the commitment to safeguarding the health and well-being of the state’s residents. With a focus on tobacco, vapor, and other nicotine products, the division strives to enforce and uphold all tobacco regulations in Arkansas. By ensuring compliance among manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, Arkansas Tobacco Control plays a vital role in protecting the public from the harmful effects of tobacco use.

Ensuring Compliance with Tobacco Regulations

One of the primary responsibilities of Arkansas Tobacco Control Division is to ensure that all entities involved in the tobacco industry adhere to the stringent regulations set forth by the state. By closely monitoring and inspecting manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, the division works tirelessly to prevent the sale of illegal or counterfeit tobacco products, protect minors from accessing tobacco, and enforce proper labeling and packaging requirements. Through their diligent efforts, Arkansas Tobacco Control Division plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe and regulated tobacco market in the state.

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Greg Sled’s Dedication to Public Service

Greg Sled, the late Director of Arkansas Tobacco Control Division, was a shining example of dedication to public service. Throughout his tenure, he demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the well-being of the people of Arkansas. Greg’s passion for his work was evident in his tireless efforts to enforce tobacco regulations and protect the public from the harmful effects of tobacco use. His leadership and expertise were instrumental in shaping the division’s strategies and ensuring the effective implementation of tobacco control measures. Greg’s legacy of public service will continue to inspire and guide the work of Arkansas Tobacco Control Division for years to come.

Honoring Greg Sled’s Legacy

Tobacco Control director Greg Sled dies, state announces - Arkansas Times

We gather here today to honor the remarkable legacy of Greg Sled, the late Director of the Arkansas Tobacco Control Division. Greg’s unwavering dedication to public service and his profound impact on the field of tobacco control will forever be remembered. As we reflect on his life and work, let us celebrate the indelible mark he left on the state of Arkansas.

A True Servant Leader


Greg Sled was not just a leader; he was a true servant leader. His selflessness and genuine care for the people he served were evident in every aspect of his work. Greg’s ability to inspire and motivate those around him was unparalleled. He led by example, always putting the needs of others before his own. His legacy serves as a reminder of the power of servant leadership and the profound impact it can have on individuals and communities.

Impact on Arkansas Tobacco Control

Greg Sled’s impact on the Arkansas Tobacco Control Division cannot be overstated. Under his leadership, the division made significant strides in enforcing tobacco regulations and protecting the public from the harmful effects of tobacco use. Greg’s expertise and unwavering commitment to the cause propelled the division forward, ensuring that manufacturers, distributors, and retailers complied with the strict regulations in place. His tireless efforts have undoubtedly made Arkansas a safer and healthier place for its residents. We will forever be grateful for his contributions to tobacco control in our state.

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Funeral Arrangements and Family

As we bid farewell to the late Greg Sled, it is important to honor his memory and support his grieving family during this difficult time. The funeral arrangements have been made with utmost care and consideration, allowing friends, colleagues, and loved ones to come together and pay their respects.

Funeral Service at First Baptist Church in Cabot

The funeral service for Director Sled will take place at the First Baptist Church in Cabot, a place of solace and reflection. This sacred space will provide a fitting backdrop to celebrate Greg’s life and the impact he had on the community. The service will be held on Wednesday, December 20th at 2:00 p.m., offering an opportunity for all who knew and loved Greg to come together and share their memories.

Graveside Service in Crossett

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Following the funeral service, a graveside service will be held in Crossett, the hometown of Greg Sled. This final farewell will take place the next day, allowing family, friends, and community members to gather and pay their last respects. The graveside service will serve as a poignant reminder of the lasting impact Greg had on his hometown and the lives he touched throughout his remarkable journey.

The sudden passing of Greg Sled, the director of the Arkansas Tobacco Control Division, has left a deep impact on the state. Sled dedicated decades of service to ensuring tobacco regulations were upheld. Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders expressed her condolences and highlighted Sled’s lasting contributions. His commitment to public service and his passion for his role as the leader of Tobacco Control will be remembered. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones during this difficult time. A funeral service will be held to honor Director Sled’s memory.