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David A. Colby Obituary, In Loving Memory of David A. Colby, cause of death?

David A. Colby Obituary: Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, especially when it’s someone as cherished as David A. Colby. Born in Potsdam, New York, and residing in Massena, New York, David passed away at the age of 74. Now, his family and friends must bid their final farewells to this beloved individual. In times like these, gestures of support and condolences mean the world. Show your affection by leaving a note in the guestbook on David A. Colby’s memorial page. Join the visitation and funeral service at Donaldson Funeral Home in Massena, New York, on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2024, to honor his memory. Let’s find out more here:

Obituary for David A. Colby

Remembering the Life and Legacy of David A. Colby

It is with heavy hearts that we bid farewell to David A. Colby, a cherished individual who touched the lives of many. Born in the quaint town of Potsdam, New York, David’s journey on this earth came to a close on December 24, 2023, at the age of 74. As we gather here today, we reflect on the profound impact he had on those fortunate enough to have known him.

Life and Passing

A Life Well-Lived and a Journey Completed

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David’s life was a testament to resilience, determination, and unwavering spirit. Throughout his years in Massena, New York, he embraced every opportunity that came his way, leaving an indelible mark on the community he called home. His unwavering commitment to his passions and his unwavering dedication to his loved ones were the cornerstones of his existence.

As we mourn his passing, let us also celebrate the vibrant life he led. David’s legacy will forever be etched in our hearts, reminding us to live each day with purpose and to cherish the relationships that enrich our lives.

Family and Loved Ones

A Beloved Family and a Circle of Love

David’s presence will be deeply missed by his beloved family and cherished friends. He was preceded in death by his siblings, Mary Ellen Colby and William Colby, as well as his parents, William Colby and Elizabeth Colby (Losey). Their memories will forever be intertwined with his, creating a tapestry of love and shared experiences.

David’s wife, Faline “Fae” Colby, his daughter, Anastasia Blanchard (Todd), and his grandchildren, Jessica, Brittany, Dannel, and Jade, are among those who will carry his legacy forward. Additionally, eight great-grandchildren will continue to honor his memory, ensuring that his spirit lives on through future generations.

During this difficult time, let us come together to support one another and offer our condolences to the grieving family. As a gesture of love and remembrance, you are invited to share your heartfelt condolences in the guestbook located on this memorial page for David A. Colby. Your words of comfort will provide solace and strength to those who mourn his loss.

Ways to Show Affection

Expressing Love and Gratitude in Meaningful Ways

When saying goodbye to someone we hold dear, finding ways to show our affection becomes paramount. In honoring the memory of David A. Colby, there are several heartfelt gestures that can convey our love and appreciation for the impact he had on our lives.

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Sending Flowers or Lighting a Candle

A Symbolic Tribute to a Life Well-Lived

One way to pay tribute to David’s memory is by sending flowers or lighting a candle. Flowers have long been a symbol of love, beauty, and remembrance, and they can serve as a visual representation of the love and respect we hold for the departed. Similarly, lighting a candle can symbolize the light that David brought into our lives and the eternal flame of his memory that will continue to burn brightly.

By choosing to send flowers or light a candle, we not only honor David’s life but also provide comfort and solace to his grieving family. These gestures serve as a reminder that we are here to support them during this difficult time and that our love for David will forever endure.

Condolences in the Guestbook

Sharing Words of Comfort and Support

Another meaningful way to express our condolences is by writing a note in the guestbook located on this memorial page for David A. Colby. This virtual space allows us to share our heartfelt thoughts and memories, offering solace and support to the grieving family.

When crafting our condolences, it is important to choose words that convey empathy, love, and understanding. Sharing personal anecdotes or memories of David can provide comfort to his loved ones, reminding them of the impact he had on the lives of those around him. By offering our condolences in the guestbook, we create a lasting tribute to David’s life and ensure that his memory lives on through the stories and memories shared by those who knew and loved him.

Visitation and Funeral Details

Paying Respects and Honoring a Life Well-Lived

As we gather to bid farewell to David A. Colby, it is important to be aware of the visitation and funeral arrangements. These events provide an opportunity for family, friends, and loved ones to come together, share memories, and find solace in each other’s presence.

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Location and Date

A Place of Remembrance and Reflection

The visitation for David A. Colby will take place at Donaldson Funeral Home, located at 100 North Main Street, Massena, New York 13662. This serene and comforting setting will serve as a place of remembrance and reflection, allowing us to honor David’s life and offer our support to his grieving family.

The visitation will be held on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2024, starting at 11:00 AM. This designated time provides an opportunity for individuals to pay their respects, share stories, and offer condolences to the family. It is a time to come together as a community and celebrate the life of a remarkable individual.

Invitation to Attend

A Call to Honor and Remember

You are cordially invited to attend the funeral service for David A. Colby, which will also take place at Donaldson Funeral Home on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2024, at 2:00 PM. This solemn ceremony will be a time to reflect on David’s life, celebrate his accomplishments, and find solace in the memories we shared with him.

Your presence at the funeral service will not only provide comfort to the grieving family but also serve as a testament to the impact David had on our lives. Together, we can honor his legacy and find strength in the support of one another during this difficult time.

Let us come together to pay our respects, share our memories, and bid farewell to a beloved individual who will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. We mourn the loss of David A. Colby, a cherished individual who touched the lives of many. As a symbol of gratitude, consider sending flowers or lighting a candle in his honor. Please share your condolences with the family by leaving a note in the guestbook on David A. Colby’s memorial page. Let us come together to support his wife, daughter, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren as they carry on his legacy. The visitation and funeral service will be held at Donaldson Funeral Home in Massena, New York. Join us on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2024, to pay our final respects.