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Controversial Video: Verydarkman Gbola Sparks Outrage with Leaked Clip Discussing Mohbad’s Son’s DNA Test

“Unveiling the Truth: Controversial Video of Verydarkman Gbola Sparks Nationwide Debate on Mohbad’s Son DNA Test.”

Who is Very Dark Man and why is he famous for his TikTok videos?

Who is Very Dark Man and why is he famous for his TikTok videos?
Very Dark Man, also known as Black Man, is a Nigerian activist and vlogger who rose to fame for his TikTok videos. He gained recognition for his dedication to exposing skincare brands that operate without the necessary certifications. Very Dark Man used his platform to advocate for public safety, which garnered support from the masses. His videos often targeted renowned skincare brands, such as Dorindas, owned by Nkechi Blessing.

Very Dark Man became popular for publicly accusing Dorindas of lacking a valid NAFDAC registration number, expressing concerns about the brand’s legitimacy. This led to increased visibility and attention on social media. However, he also faced criticism for using filters while collaborating with paid partnerships with brands, which invited skepticism about the authenticity of his advocacy.

His bold and outspoken approach on TikTok made him a prominent figure in Nigeria’s online space, attracting a large following and gaining him widespread fame among young Nigerians.


– Very Dark Man gained fame through his TikTok videos.
– He exposed skincare brands operating without certifications.
– Advocated for public safety.
– Targeted Dorindas brand owned by Nkechi Blessing.
– Faced criticism for using filters in collaborations.

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What is the leaked video of Very Dark Man about and what controversy has it caused?

The leaked video of Very Dark Man caused quite a controversy among social media users. In the video, he raised concerns over Mohbad’s death and pointed fingers at Mohbad’s wife regarding the paternity of their son. The controversial nature of this topic triggered widespread discussion and debate online.

This leaked video sparked outrage and led to a surge in memes and hate comments directed towards Very Dark Man. It also brought attention to personal matters that some argued should not have been discussed publicly. The controversy escalated further when it was revealed that Very Dark Man had been warned previously to stay clear of such personal matters.

The leaked video and subsequent reactions created a significant buzz on social media, with many expressing their opinions and thoughts on the matter. It became a trending topic, drawing attention from both supporters and critics of Very Dark Man.


– The leaked video raised concerns over Mohbad’s death.
– Very Dark Man pointed fingers at Mohbad’s wife regarding their son’s paternity.
– Controversy erupted due to the nature of the topic.
– Outrage, memes, and hate comments followed the release of the video.
– Previous warnings to refrain from discussing personal matters intensified the controversy.

Why did Very Dark Man raise concerns over Mohbad’s death and point fingers at Mohbad’s wife?

Why did Very Dark Man raise concerns over Mohbad
Very Dark Man raised concerns over Mohbad’s death and pointed fingers at Mohbad’s wife out of genuine concern for the paternity of their son. However, his involvement in such personal matters drew criticism from some who believed it was inappropriate for him to become involved in such discussions publicly.

While it is unclear what specifically prompted Very Dark Man to raise these concerns, his actions indicate his desire to shed light on potential discrepancies or issues surrounding Mohbad’s death and its implications for the child’s future. However, it is important to note that discussing sensitive topics like this without proper evidence or consent can be hurtful and damaging to those involved.

Ultimately, this decision led to a widespread controversy around Very Dark Man, with many questioning his motives and criticizing him for crossing boundaries by involving himself in personal matters that should have remained private.

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– Very Dark Man raised concerns out of genuine concern for paternity.
– His involvement in personal matters drew criticism.
– Desire to shed light on discrepancies surrounding Mohbad’s death.
– Controversy erupted due to discussing sensitive topics publicly.
– Motives and boundaries were questioned.

Who leaked the video of Very Dark Man and why did they do so?

According to reports, the leaked video of Very Dark Man was released by a platform known as Gistlover. The exact motive behind the release of the video is unclear, but it can be speculated that Gistlover saw an opportunity to capitalize on the controversy surrounding Very Dark Man.

The leaked video garnered significant attention and increased traffic to their platform. It is not uncommon for certain media outlets or platforms to leak controversial videos or content for the purpose of generating buzz and attracting more viewership.

The decision to leak the video further fueled the ongoing controversy and intensified the scrutiny faced by Very Dark Man. This incident served as a reminder of how easily private videos can circulate online, causing irreparable damage to individuals’ reputations.


– The video was leaked by Gistlover, a platform.
– The exact motive behind the leak is unclear.
– Leaking controversial content can generate attention and traffic.
– Intensified scrutiny on Very Dark Man.
– Reminds us about privacy concerns in the digital age.

Can you provide more information about Very Dark Man’s background, including his ethnicity and age?

Very Dark Man, also known as Black Man, hails from Edo state, Nigeria, where he was born and raised. Growing up in this culturally rich region shaped his perspective and values. As for his ethnicity, Very Dark Man is a young Black man in his early 30s.

While specific details about his personal life may be limited, his activism on social media has made him a recognized figure within Nigeria’s online community. His dedication towards advocating for public safety and exposing fraudulent skincare brands has earned him recognition from many people who support his cause.

By utilizing the TikTok platform, Very Dark Man has been able to reach a wide audience and become a prominent internet personality. His actions and outspoken nature have led to both praise and criticism, but his influence on social media cannot be denied.

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– Very Dark Man hails from Edo state, Nigeria.
– Raised in a culturally rich region.
– Young Black man in his early 30s.
– Recognized for activism against fraudulent skincare brands.
– Utilizes TikTok platform to reach a wide audience.

How did Very Dark Man gain recognition on TikTok before the leaked video controversy?

Very Dark Man gained recognition on TikTok by dedicating himself to exposing skincare brands operating without the necessary certifications. He utilized his platform to advocate for public safety and shed light on suspicious practices within the beauty industry.

His videos addressing renowned skincare brands, such as Dorindas owned by Nkechi Blessing, caught the attention of many viewers. By publicly accusing these brands of lacking proper registration or certification, Very Dark Man sparked discussions and debates among social media users. His bold approach and commitment to consumer protection resonated with audiences who appreciated his efforts towards transparency.

Through consistent content creation and engaging storytelling methods, Very Dark Man garnered support from the masses. Prior to the leaked video controversy, he had already established himself as a notable figure on TikTok due to his focus on public safety issues and his unfiltered commentary on relevant topics.


– Gained recognition through advocating for public safety.
– Exposed skincare brands operating without certifications.
– Targeted popular brand Dorindas owned by Nkechi Blessing.
– Sparked discussions and debates about beauty industry practices.
– Established himself as a notable figure on TikTok prior to the leaked video controversy.

What other controversies or criticisms has Very Dark Man faced in the past?

Apart from the recent leaked video controversy, Very Dark Man has faced criticism and controversies in the past. One of the main criticisms he received was for using filters in his TikTok videos while collaborating with brands. Some questioned the authenticity of his content and whether he was truly advocating for public safety or simply capitalizing on brand partnerships.

Additionally, Very Dark Man’s outspoken nature and direct approach have occasionally garnered backlash from those who believe he crosses boundaries or lacks tact in showcasing his activism. While many appreciate his dedication to exposing fraudulent practices, others argue that his methods may be too confrontational or inappropriate.

Overall, Very Dark Man’s rise to fame has not been without its share of controversies and criticisms. As a prominent figure on TikTok, he continues to navigate these challenges while remaining dedicated to advocating for issues he believes in.


– Criticized for using filters during brand collaborations.
– Authenticity of content questioned.
– Backlash due to perceived lack of tact or crossing boundaries.
– Controversies arise from outspoken nature.
– Continues navigating challenges while advocating for important issues.

In conclusion, the viral video showcasing Verydarkman Gbola’s claims regarding Mohbad’s son’s DNA test has generated significant attention. However, it is crucial to approach such content with caution and skepticism, as the truthfulness of these claims remains unverified. It is important to rely on credible sources and evidence before drawing any conclusions.

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