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Blessing CEO Calls Out VeryDarkMan Over Controversial Viral Video: Sparks Online Backlash

In this explosive headline, witness the intense clash between Blessing CEO and VeryDarkMan as they engage in a heated dispute over a leaked viral video. Brace yourself for the shocking revelations and captivating drama that unfold in this must-watch video. Don’t miss out on all the buzz – click now to watch the full video on Twitter!

1. What is the viral video about?

The viral video in question features VeryDarkMan Gbola in explicit and sensitive content. It was originally shared on the Wire channel of popular entertainment blogger Gistlover. The video gained widespread attention and sparked a public outcry due to its controversial nature.


The video contains explicit material involving VeryDarkMan Gbola. It was reportedly created by him willingly in 2018 during a period of financial interest. The footage showcases scenes that are deemed inappropriate and offensive, which has contributed to the strong reaction from viewers.

Public Response:

As the video spread across various virtual entertainment platforms such as Message, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, and more, it ignited a firestorm of reactions from people all around the world. Many expressed their shock and disgust at the content featured in the video, while others debated its ethical implications and called for accountability.

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2. Who is VeryDarkMan Gbola and what is his role in the video?

VeryDarkMan Gbola is an internet sensation known for his viral call-out posts and confessions. He gained popularity for his frank nature and outspoken behavior online. In the viral video, he plays a central role as it primarily features him engaging in explicit activities.


Gbola rose to prominence through his social media presence, where he garnered a large following due to his provocative content and controversial statements. This led to increased attention on his personal life and actions, making him subject to scrutiny from both fans and critics alike.

Involvement in Video:

In this specific video, Gbola willingly participated by filming himself in explicit situations. His decision to create such content remains a point of controversy as it has exposed him to public condemnation and backlash.

3. How did the video gain popularity and where was it first shared?

3. How did the video gain popularity and where was it first shared?
The video gained popularity primarily through its dissemination on various virtual entertainment platforms. It was first shared on the Wire channel of the well-known entertainment blogger Gistlover, who has been known to spread explicit material involving celebrities.

Spread on Social Media:

After being initially shared on Wire, the video quickly made its way onto platforms like Message, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, and more. The viral nature of these platforms enabled rapid sharing and amplification of the video’s content.

Global Attention:

As news of the video started to circulate online, it caught the attention of internet users worldwide. Its controversial content and widespread distribution contributed to its rapid rise in popularity and subsequent public responses.

4. What kind of content does the video contain?

4. What kind of content does the video contain?
The viral video involving VeryDarkMan Gbola has garnered attention due to its explicit and sensitive content. According to reports, the video features Gbola engaging in activities that are considered scandalous and controversial. The video is said to have originally appeared on the Wire channel of entertainment blogger Gistlover, known for spreading sensational and provocative material. The content of the video is explicit in nature and has caused a significant stir across various online entertainment platforms. It is important to note that Gbola willingly created this video in 2018 during a period when financial interests were involved.

Possible motivations behind the creation and spread of explicit videos:

1. Character assassination: The anonymous blogger behind Gistlover seems to have specifically targeted Gbola due to his increasing popularity and outspoken nature. By spreading explicit videos involving him, they aim to tarnish his reputation and bring him down.
2. Personal vendetta: It is possible that Gistlover holds a grudge against Gbola for reasons unknown or personal conflicts, which led them to create or obtain explicit videos with the intention of causing harm.

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Impacts of the viral event:

– Public outrage: The circulation of this viral video has sparked an aftermath of public reactions, with many expressing their shock, disgust, and condemnation towards the explicit content.
– Reputation damage: For VeryDarkMan Gbola, this incident could have severe consequences on his public image and career trajectory, as it exposes him in compromising situations.

5. Who is Gistlover and why are they spreading explicit videos involving Gbola?

5. Who is Gistlover and why are they spreading explicit videos involving Gbola?
Gistlover is an anonymous blogger who runs a Message channel that has gained notoriety for targeting celebrities by sharing scandalous information about them. Their primary aim appears to be defaming and ruining the reputations of well-known individuals. In the case of Gbola, it seems that Gistlover specifically chose to spread explicit videos involving him due to his rising popularity and candid nature.

The motivations behind Gistlover’s actions are unclear, but it is evident that they have a vested interest in tarnishing the image and credibility of celebrities. By posting explicit videos, Gistlover aims to generate attention, drive traffic to their channel, and potentially gain financial benefits from their growing subscriber base of over 10,000 people. This indicates a pattern of targeting viral sensations like Gbola for personal or professional gain.

Gistlover’s actions raise ethical concerns regarding privacy invasion and consent. The spreading of explicit videos without permission not only violates personal boundaries but also fuels a culture of non-consensual sharing and exploitation.

Impacts on VeryDarkMan Gbola:

1. Reputation damage: The involvement of Gbola in explicit content shared by Gistlover could severely impact his reputation and public perception.
2. Emotional distress: The unauthorized dissemination of sensitive material may cause significant emotional distress for Gbola, as he becomes a target for public scrutiny and judgment.

Effects on the industry:

1. Heightened caution: This incident serves as a reminder for individuals in the entertainment industry to exercise caution when creating or engaging in activities that could be potentially used against them.
2. Strengthened privacy measures: Celebrities may prioritize taking proactive steps to safeguard their personal lives by implementing stricter privacy protocols and digital security measures.

6. What are some possible motivations behind the creation and spread of this viral video?

The creation and spread of viral videos often stem from various motivations that could range from personal vendettas to financial gains:

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Possible motivations:

1. Revenge or personal grudges: It is possible that the anonymous blogger behind Gistlover holds a personal vendetta against VeryDarkMan Gbola, and therefore intentionally created or obtained explicit videos as a means of seeking revenge or causing harm.
2. Clickbait and financial gain: Viral videos have the potential to generate significant attention, which can be exploited for financial gains. Posting explicit content involving popular personalities like Gbola can serve as clickbait to attract a larger audience to platforms like Gistlover’s Message channel.
3. Character assassination: By spreading explicit videos of Gbola, individuals or groups may aim to tarnish his reputation and credibility within the industry. This could be driven by envy, competition, or animosity towards his rising popularity.
4. Sensationalism and entertainment value: Unfortunately, there is a segment of the audience that enjoys consuming scandalous content. The creation and spread of viral videos with explicit material cater to this demand for sensationalism.

It is crucial to understand that regardless of the motivations behind such actions, the unauthorized dissemination of explicit content without consent raises serious ethical concerns and can have severe repercussions on the individuals involved.


1. Emotional distress: The creation and spread of such videos can cause emotional trauma and distress for those targeted in them.
2. Damage to reputation: The circulation of explicit videos can significantly damage an individual’s reputation, leading to professional setbacks and personal hardships.
3. Impact on mental health: Being subjected to public scrutiny, criticism, and invasion of privacy due to viral videos can have detrimental effects on an individual’s mental well-being.

7. How does the timing of the viral event relate to the ongoing public feud between VeryDarkMan Gbola and Afeez Fashola?

The timing of the viral event involving VeryDarkMan Gbola coincides with an ongoing public feud between him and Afeez Fashola regarding the tragic death of singer MohBad. This connection adds an additional layer of complexity and potential motivations behind the spread of the viral video.

The public feud between Gbola and Fashola has garnered significant attention and controversy, with both individuals expressing differing views on the circumstances surrounding MohBad’s death. Gbola has been vocal in demanding accountability from Fashola and raising concerns about various aspects of the situation.


1. Diversionary tactic: The release of the viral video during this feud could be a deliberate attempt to distract or divert public attention away from the arguments presented by Gbola against Fashola.
2. Character assassination: The timing suggests that those who oppose Gbola’s involvement in the public discourse surrounding MohBad’s death may have seized the opportunity to discredit him by spreading explicit content.
3. Intensification of conflict: The release of such a sensitive video can potentially exacerbate tensions between Gbola and Fashola, further fueling their public feud.

It is essential to critically analyze both the timing and motivations behind such events to fully understand their implications within a broader context.

In a recent Twitter video, Blessing CEO strongly criticizes VeryDarkMan for the viral leaked video. This incident highlights the power and potential consequences of social media platforms. It serves as a reminder to be cautious of our actions online and the impact they can have on our personal and professional lives.

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