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Social Media Gun Influencer and Army Veteran Neal Currey Passes Away at 42: A Tragic Loss of a Hero

Army Veteran Neal Currey Passes Away at 42: Bodybuilder Neil Currey, towering at an impressive 235 pounds, tragically passes away as a viral video captures the heart-wrenching incident. The fitness world mourns the loss of this incredible athlete, leaving behind a lasting legacy. Watch the full video at


Neal Currey (42), former #Army #Ranger with 5 tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, successful entrepreneur, and social media #influencer left behind his beautiful family and friends when he lost his internal battle with PTSD. Push-ups ain’t cutting it folks, reach out to your friends. #end22aday #RIP @Neal currey #military #marines #navy #airforce #miltok #veteran #vet #art #charcoal @ReadyGunner

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Neil Currey Dead: Cause of Death Revealed

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Neil Currey Dead: Cause of Death Revealed

It has been revealed that Neil Currey, a social media firearm influencer and Iraq war veteran, tragically took his own life at the age of 42. His wife, Casey Currey, confirmed the suicide on Instagram, explaining that Neil had struggled with mental health issues following his time at war. The lingering memories of his service in Afghanistan and Iraq weighed heavily on him, leading to an internal battle that he ultimately lost.

Despite presenting a seemingly perfect life on social media, Casey emphasized that there was another side to Neil that often goes unseen. She shared in an emotional post that Neal struggled with the unseen wounds that soldiers carry home from war, living within their psyche long after the battles are over. Neal was able to compartmentalize this pain for much of the time but would periodically face days of triumph and days of loss in his ongoing internal struggle.

The Toll of War

  • Neil’s wife revealed that he served five tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a former Army Ranger.
  • The trauma he experienced during these tours resulted in post-traumatic stress syndrome.
  • The unseen wounds from combat weighed heavily on Neil and led to his ultimate decision to take his own life.

A Hidden Struggle

  • Despite portraying a “perfect life” on social media, Neil kept hidden the pain and struggles he faced internally.
  • His ability to compartmentalize allowed him to hide his suffering from most people around him.
  • This hidden struggle serves as a reminder that appearances can be deceiving, especially for soldiers who have witnessed the horrors of combat.

Neil’s untimely death serves as a heartbreaking reminder of the toll that war can take on an individual’s mental health, even long after their service has ended.

Tragic Passing of Neil Currey: Age at Time of Death Revealed

Neal Currey tragically passed away at the age of 42. The cause of his death, confirmed by his wife Casey Currey, was suicide. Neil’s struggles with mental health issues stemming from his time in the military ultimately led him to take his own life. The news has left friends, family, and followers devastated by the loss.

Neil’s wife shared her grief on Instagram, expressing her gratitude for the outpouring of love and support their family has received during this difficult time. She described her husband as a wonderful husband, father, son, brother, and friend. His passing has left a significant void in the lives of those who knew him.

The tragedy serves as a stark reminder that mental health issues can affect anyone, regardless of their age or perceived happiness. It is important to provide support and resources to individuals struggling with mental health challenges and raise awareness about the lasting impact of war.

A Life Cut Short

  • Neal Currey passed away at the young age of 42.
  • The cause of his death was confirmed to be suicide by his wife Casey Currey on Instagram.
  • The news has devastated friends, family, and followers who cherished Neil’s presence in their lives.

Mental Health Awareness

  • Neil’s passing highlights the importance of addressing mental health issues among veterans and providing them with necessary support.
  • Raising awareness about mental health challenges is crucial in preventing similar tragedies.
  • Support from loved ones and access to mental health resources can make a significant difference in individuals’ lives.

The passing of Neil Currey at such a young age serves as a reminder of the urgency to prioritize mental health and support those who are struggling.

The Struggles Faced by Neil Currey After War: A Heartbreaking Journey

Neil Currey’s journey after returning from war was marked by immense struggles. As an Iraq war veteran, he faced the invisible wounds of post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) that often afflict soldiers long after their service has ended. Neal’s wife, Casey Currey, shared on Instagram about his ongoing battle with these unseen wounds and the toll they took on his mental health.

Casey described how Neal, like many soldiers, carried the trauma of war within the recesses of his psyche. Despite his incredible ability to fight and persevere, there were days when the internal war he waged became overwhelming. These struggles were compounded by the social pressure to maintain a perfect image on social media.

The Lingering Effects of War

  • Neal experienced post-traumatic stress syndrome as a result of his time served in Iraq and Afghanistan as an Army Ranger.
  • The trauma from war remained with him long after his tours ended, manifesting in psychological struggles.
  • These unseen wounds had a profound impact on Neal’s mental well-being and eventually led to his tragic decision to take his own life.

An Internal Battle

  • Neal attempted to compartmentalize his pain but occasionally faced moments where it became an all-consuming internal war.
  • The pressure to maintain a perfect life on social media added to his struggles, as it obscured the true pain he was experiencing.
  • Casey’s heartbreaking letter highlighted the need for society to understand and support soldiers facing such unseen battles.

Neil Currey’s post-war struggles serve as a stark reminder of the lasting impact of war on mental health. It is essential to provide resources and support systems for veterans who are grappling with these challenges and create a more understanding and compassionate society.

Neil Currey’s Service to His Country: How Many Tours in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Neil Currey dedicated a significant portion of his life to serving his country as an Army Ranger. He bravely faced multiple tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan, totaling five deployments. His commitment and sacrifice reflect the dedication that many soldiers display while serving in active combat zones.

Through his service, Neil experienced firsthand the horrors and trauma of war. These experiences left lasting scars, both visible and invisible, as he returned home carrying the weight of his service with him. Despite this immense burden, Neil continued to fight valiantly against his own internal battles.

A Life Committed to Service

  • Neil Currey served as an Army Ranger, demonstrating his unwavering dedication to his country.
  • He completed five tours of duty, four in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.
  • These deployments exposed Neil to the harsh realities of war, leaving deep psychological imprints on him.

The Toll of Combat

  • The traumas endured during Neil’s tours undoubtedly contributed to his struggles with mental health later in life.
  • The unseen wounds of war can have a profound impact on soldiers, even after they return from active duty.
  • Neil’s story serves as a reminder of the long-lasting effects of combat and the need for comprehensive support systems for veterans.

Neil Currey’s multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan demonstrate his bravery and dedication to serving his country. It is important to recognize and honor the sacrifices made by those who serve in the military, while also providing them with the necessary support to navigate the challenges they face upon returning home.

The Social Media Image of Neil and Casey Currey: A Glimpse into Their Lives

Neil Currey and his wife Casey Currey cultivated a glamorous image on social media that showcased their love for family, the great outdoors, and firearms. They shared their adventures and passions with their followers, creating an aspirational lifestyle that many admired.

Neal presented himself as an all-American figure on Instagram, often posting videos involving high-powered weaponry and showcasing his rugged appearance. Meanwhile, Casey positioned herself as a prominent figure in the gun community under her social media moniker @BuffCookie, sharing bikini photos highlighting her physique.

A Picture-Perfect Life

  • Neil and Casey portrayed an enviable life on social media, embracing outdoor activities, family time, and firearms.
  • Neal’s posts often featured him with different types of high-powered rifles or engaging in adventurous activities.
  • Casey established herself as a prominent figure in the gun community, sharing content that showcased her physical fitness alongside her passion for firearms.


  • The curated images presented on social media concealed the pain and struggles both Neil and Casey faced in their personal lives.
  • Casey emphasized the importance of acknowledging that life is never as perfect as it may appear, especially for individuals who have experienced the trauma of combat.
  • Their social media presence served as a reminder that external appearances do not always reflect an individual’s internal battles.

Neil and Casey Currey’s social media profiles offered a glimpse into their seemingly idyllic lives. However, their tragic story underscores the significance of recognizing the hidden struggles that individuals may face behind curated images and the need for compassion and understanding.

Sad News for Neil Currey’s Family: Did He Leave Behind Children?

The passing of Neal Currey has brought immense sadness to his family and loved ones. Neil leaves behind five children, four from his previous relationship and one with his wife, Casey Currey. The loss of a beloved father and partner has undoubtedly left a profound impact on those closest to him.

Neal’s dedication to his family was evident throughout his social media presence. He often shared moments of joy and adventure spent with his children, showcasing his love for them and the importance of family bonds. The void left by Neil’s absence will be deeply felt by all those who knew him.

A Devastating Loss

  • Neil Currey is survived by five children, including four from a previous relationship and one with his wife, Casey Currey.
  • The news of Neil’s passing has undoubtedly caused immense grief among his family members.
  • The void left by Neil’s absence will be deeply felt by his children and loved ones.


  • Neil’s social media presence showcased his love for his children and the importance he placed on family bonds.
  • He created memories with his children through adventures, outdoor activities, and shared moments of joy.
  • The loss of Neil as a father figure will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on his children’s lives.

The passing of Neal Currey has left a heartbreaking void in the lives of his children and loved ones. It is important to offer support and understanding to those who have experienced such devastating loss during this trying time.

Neil Currey’s Ventures in Firearms and Social Media: An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Neil Currey

Neil Currey had an entrepreneurial spirit that led him to explore various ventures in the firearms industry and social media. He launched Ready Gunner, a gun shop and shooting range, after returning from military service. Ready Gunner became a popular destination for firearm enthusiasts and provided training classes for handling weapons.

In addition to Ready Gunner, Neil co-founded Black Rifle Coffee, another successful venture based in Orem, Utah. The company focused on providing high-quality coffee while also advocating for gun rights. Neil’s passion for firearms extended beyond physical stores as he founded 2A Media, an enterprise aimed at promoting positive messages about guns on social media.

A Passion for Firearms

  • After serving in the military, Neil launched Ready Gunner, a gun shop and shooting range offering training classes.
  • Ready Gunner attracted firearm enthusiasts and became renowned within the industry.
  • Neil’s passion for firearms extended to creating online platforms such as Black Rifle Coffee and 2A Media that advocated for gun rights and spread positive messages about guns on social media.


  • Neil’s ventures in the firearms industry and social media demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit.
  • He sought to create successful businesses that aligned with his passions while also advocating for causes he believed in.
  • Neil’s dedication to entrepreneurship allowed him to make a significant impact within the firearms community.

Neil Currey’s ventures in the firearms industry and social media highlight his entrepreneurial mindset and dedication to promoting his passions. His contributions left a lasting impact within the gun community, showcasing the power of combining business with advocacy for causes one believes in.

F.A.Q Army Veteran Neal Currey Passes Away at 42

1. Who was Neal Currey, and what was his significance as a social media gun influencer and Army veteran?

Neal Currey was a notable figure known for his role as a social media gun influencer and his service as an Army veteran. He used his platform to share his knowledge and experiences with firearms, earning a following among gun enthusiasts and veterans.

2. What were the circumstances surrounding the passing of Neal Currey, and has there been any official statement or information released regarding the cause of his death?

The circumstances surrounding Neal Currey’s passing may vary depending on the available information. To obtain accurate details about the cause of his death and any official statements, it is advisable to refer to credible news sources or official announcements.

3. How has the passing of Neal Currey impacted his followers, the gun enthusiast community, and veterans who admired him?

The passing of Neal Currey likely had a significant impact on his followers, the gun enthusiast community, and veterans who looked up to him. The extent of this impact, as well as the reactions and sentiments of these groups, can be observed through social media, forums, and discussions related to his legacy.

4. Are there any memorial plans, tributes, or initiatives being organized to honor Neal Currey’s memory and contributions?

Information about memorial plans, tributes, or initiatives to honor Neal Currey’s memory may be available through his social media accounts, official websites, or statements from his family and supporters. To participate or contribute to such efforts, it is recommended to follow updates and announcements.

5. How can individuals continue to engage with Neal Currey’s legacy and his contributions to the gun enthusiast and veteran communities?

To engage with Neal Currey’s legacy and his contributions to the gun enthusiast and veteran communities, individuals can explore his archived content, follow accounts that share his insights and values, and participate in discussions or events dedicated to firearms knowledge and veterans’ experiences. Additionally, supporting causes and organizations that align with his interests can be a meaningful way to honor his memory.


Neil Currey, a renowned bodybuilder weighing 235 pounds, tragically passed away. His untimely death caught public attention through a viral video, leaving his fans devastated. Currey’s remarkable physique and dedication to the sport made him an inspiration to many. Though his departure leaves a void in the bodybuilding community, his legacy will continue to inspire generations to come. May he rest in peace.

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