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Agnes Mary Kofluk (Przykopski) Obituary: beloved przykopski passed away 96 age, next to family and loved ones

A Life Remembered: Agnes Mary Kofluk

Agnes Mary Kofluk (Przykopski) Obituary: Step into the world of Agnes Mary Kofluk, a vibrant soul who lived a life filled with joy and cherished memories. From her early days in Shenandoah to her final moments at the Schuylkill Center in Pottsville, Agnes’s journey was one of love, friendship, and adventure. Join us as we celebrate her remarkable life, exploring the cherished relationships she held dear and the passions that brought her immense happiness. Discover the legacy of Agnes Mary Kofluk, a woman whose spirit will forever be remembered.

Agnes Mary Kofluk (Przykopski) Obituary

Obituary of Agnes Mary Kofluk (Przykopski)

Agnes Mary Kofluk (Przykopski), a beloved member of the community, passed away on Thursday, December 21, 2023, at the Schuylkill Center in Pottsville. She was 96 years old and resided at 33 Duck Street in Girardville. Agnes was born on May 28, 1927, in Shenandoah to her parents, Paul Sr. and Marie (Knoll) Przykopski. Despite losing her parents before she was born, Agnes grew up surrounded by love and support from her extended family.

Early Life and Family

Agnes had a vibrant and adventurous spirit from a young age. She cherished her childhood memories of traveling, swimming, roller skating, and ice skating. These activities brought her immense joy and allowed her to embrace life’s simple pleasures. Agnes was a member of the Shenandoah, Girardville, and Ashland Senior Citizens, where she formed lasting friendships and shared countless laughter-filled moments. She was also an active member of the St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church in Maizeville, where her faith played a central role in her life.

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Preceded in Death


Agnes was preceded in death by her loving husband, Steven, who brought immense happiness and companionship into her life. She also mourned the loss of her two sisters, Pauline and Jean Pretko from Shenandoah, as well as her three brothers, Paul, Teddy, and John Przykopski. The passing of her nephew, David Pretko, left a void in her heart. Agnes faced these losses with strength and resilience, cherishing the memories she shared with each of them.

Survived by

Agnes leaves behind a legacy of love and cherished memories. She was blessed with devoted friends and caretakers, especially Carol Dura of Frackville and Terri Krick of Girardville, who provided unwavering support and companionship throughout her life. Agnes is also survived by her two nephews, John Przykopski of Frackville and Bernard and Sandy Pretko of Shenandoah, as well as her two nieces, Carol Armon and Karen Mack, both from Frackville. Additionally, she leaves behind a large number of great-nieces and nephews who will forever carry her spirit in their hearts.

Agnes Mary Kofluk (Przykopski) will be deeply missed by all who had the privilege of knowing her. Her warm smile, kind heart, and zest for life will be remembered fondly by those whose lives she touched. May she rest in eternal peace.

Membership and Hobbies

Agnes Mary Kofluk (Przykopski) was an active member of various organizations and had a wide range of hobbies that brought her joy and fulfillment throughout her life.


Agnes was a dedicated member of the Shenandoah, Girardville, and Ashland Senior Citizens groups. These organizations provided her with a sense of community and allowed her to connect with others who shared similar experiences and interests. She cherished the friendships she formed within these groups and valued the support and camaraderie they provided.

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In addition to her involvement in senior citizen groups, Agnes was a proud member of the Sacred Heart Society in Maizeville. This society allowed her to deepen her faith and engage in meaningful spiritual practices alongside fellow members of her community.

Agnes was also an active member of the St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church in Maizeville. Her involvement in the church community allowed her to nurture her faith, participate in religious ceremonies, and contribute to the spiritual well-being of the congregation.


Agnes had a zest for life and enjoyed a variety of hobbies that brought her immense happiness and fulfillment. She had a love for travel and cherished the memories she made exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. Whether it was a road trip to a nearby town or a grand adventure to a far-off destination, Agnes embraced the excitement and wonder of discovering new places.

Swimming, roller skating, and ice skating were among Agnes’s favorite pastimes. She found solace and joy in the water, gliding across the ice, and feeling the wind in her hair as she skated. These activities allowed her to stay active, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and connect with the beauty of nature.

Agnes’s hobbies were a testament to her vibrant spirit and her ability to find joy in the simple pleasures of life. Her adventurous nature and love for exploration served as an inspiration to those around her.

Funeral Arrangements

The funeral arrangements for Agnes Mary Kofluk (Przykopski) have been carefully organized to honor her life and provide an opportunity for loved ones to pay their respects.

Viewing and Liturgy


A viewing will be held on Saturday, December 23rd, at the St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church in Maizeville. From nine in the morning to ten in the morning, friends, family, and community members will have the chance to gather and remember Agnes. The viewing will be a time to reflect on her life, share stories, and offer support to one another.

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At ten o’clock in the morning, a solemn liturgy will be presided over by Fr. Petro Zvarych. The liturgy will be a meaningful and spiritual ceremony, honoring Agnes’s faith and providing comfort to those in attendance. It will be a time to celebrate her life, offer prayers, and find solace in the presence of loved ones.


Following the funeral service, the burial will take place at St. John’s Parish Cemetery in Englewood, located in Frackville. This serene and peaceful resting place will be the final destination for Agnes’s earthly remains. It will serve as a place of remembrance and a symbol of the eternal bond she shared with her loved ones.

Arrangements by Oravitz Home for Funerals Inc.

The responsibility of making the funeral arrangements has been entrusted to the caring professionals at Oravitz Home for Funerals Inc. They understand the importance of creating a meaningful and respectful farewell for Agnes. With their expertise and compassion, they will ensure that every detail is taken care of, allowing family and friends to focus on honoring and remembering Agnes’s life.

Oravitz Home for Funerals Inc. is dedicated to providing support and guidance during this difficult time. Their commitment to excellence and their understanding of the grieving process will help ease the burden for Agnes’s loved ones as they navigate through the funeral arrangements.

We extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Agnes Mary Kofluk (Przykopski) who passed away at the age of 96. Agnes was a beloved member of her community, known for her love of travel, swimming, roller skating, and ice skating. She leaves behind cherished memories and will be greatly missed. The viewing will be held at St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church in Maizeville, followed by a funeral service and burial at St. John’s Parish Cemetery in Englewood. Our thoughts are with all those affected by this loss.